“…the art of Levan Urushadze is unendingly compelling; like reading a great novel, we lose ourselves in it’s intricacy and intrigue, it’s twists and turns, and in the process, leave our day-to-day doings behind. What better sanctuary than this?…”

Alan Bamberger
Art Consultant, USA
Author of the book “The Art Of Buying Art”

“…what holds all of Urushadze’s modes of expression together as a consistent oeuvre is the unique stamp of his individual sensibility, which overrides his eclecticism and comes through forcefully in every stroke that he commits to canvas.”

J. Sanders Eaton
“Gallery & Studio” Magazine, New York, USA
November 2009

“My artistic method can be defined as transformation
in which the main focus pertains to light, rhythm and colour”

Levan Urushadze

Levan Urushadze

Born: 28 November 1960 Lanchkhuti, Georgia

Lives: Tbilisi, Georgia


1990 Georgian State Academy Of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia


2008 Member Of Moscow Union Of Artists

1995 Member Of The International Artists Union


November 2017 Solo exhibition, Adjara State Museum of Art, Batumi, Georgia

May 2017 Group exhibition of Georgian artists, Moscow , Russia

March 2017 Ankara Art Fair, Ankara, Turkey

February 2017 Solo exhibition, Head Office TBC Bank, Tbiulisi, Georgia

November 2015 Solo exhibition, Head Office Backer Tilly, Moscow , Russia

December 2014 Group exhibition, Central House of Art, Moscow , Russia

May 2014 “Sliding Light” group exhibition, CHA, Moscow , Russia

November 2013 “Hanukkah” Solo exhibition at Jewish Cultural Center, Moscow , Russia

July 2013 “Entering Light” group exhibition, CHA, Moscow , Russia

May 2013 “Reflection” group exhibition, CHA, Moscow , Russia

October 2012 “Zurich Art Fair”, Zurich, Switzerland

August 2012 “Sliding Light” group exhibition, CHA, Moscow , Russia

May 2012 “Georgian Roads” group exhibition, CHA, Moscow , Russia

April 2012 “The City & It’s Inhabitants” group exhibition, V.I.Vernadskiy Museum, Moscow , Russia

April 2012 Art Monaco Art Fair, Monte Carlo, Monaco

October 2011 The 13th Art International Zurich Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland

September 2011 The 8th Berliner Liste Art Fair, Berlin, Germany

October 2010 The 7th Berliner Liste Art Fair, Berlin, Germany

May 2010 Colorida Gallery Solo Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal

February 2010 «World Of Painting & Sculpture» CHA Moscow, Russia

November 2009 «Three Subjects» 25Kadr Gallery, Moscow, Russia

July 2009 «Exhibition 0/1» 25Kadr Gallery, Moscow, Russia

June 2009 Auction House Dorotheum, Austrian Embassy, Moscow, Russia

August 2008 Solo Exhibition Lisbon, Portugal

February 3rd – 26th, 2005 «Imaginary Landscapes», Jadite Galleries, New York, NY USA

November 2002 Solo Exhibition Lisbon, Portugal

1998-2009 «Golden Brush» Group Exhibition CHA Moscow, Russia

1997 Solo Exhibition Rome, Italy

1996 Solo Exhibition Georgian Embassy, Moscow, Russia

1995 Group Exhibition House Of Friendship, Moscow, Russia

1993 Solo Exhibition Paris, France

1992 Group Exhibition Sovincenter Moscow, Russia

1991 Group Exhibition Museum Of Contemporary Art Tbilisi, Georgia

1990 Group Exhibition Vienna, Austria

1990 Group Exhibition Karvasla Museum Tbilisi, Georgia